OHSNAP! is a Finnish Xonotic clan put together by Mossepo in late 2012. Our goal from the beginning has been to help increase the clan scene activity in this game, as there aren't that many active clans around yet. Despite of that, we're playing on a decent pace, given the size of the community. We're keeping track of all our clan matches, so you can have a look there.

We currently have 5 members in our team all of which have been aboard from the very start. We aren't recruiting any new members and would encourage others to form their own clans to yet increase the clan scene activity in Xonotic.

Due to the considerably low amount of clans most events are played as duels, and all of our members have been participating these cups when possible. You can check out all the cup and tourney results from Mirio's rather large tourney thread and spot our individual performances.

Our results in those (unfortunately) very few team-based cups can be seen on the right column.