02:35 | 16.04.2013 | Mossepo

Smilecythe uploaded a cool clip from our 3v3 CA match against Psychos of Xonotic played yesterday.

In Smilecythe's words:

"We all looked so cute together so I decided to capture the moment from our Clan arena pickup featuring Mossepo, Foozy and Smilecythe from OHSNAP! versus Spike, Pendulla and Diomedes from PsyX."

Everything's done now
21:48 | 26.03.2013 | Mossepo

The website is now more or less finished, and it's all boring content updates from now on, unless of course you have ideas and suggestions on your mind (/pm Mossepo).

Kicking off the so called boring content updates with Smilecythe's new minstagib video for all minsta lovers and haters, enjoy.

New website released!
10:49 | 20.02.2013 | Mossepo

After a couple hours of hard work powered by a few cups of coffee and motivated by huge amounts of boredom I can happily announce that we've finally got our own website.

The usefulness of this website for any outside viewer is around zero, unless you're interested in significantly unimportant content. The website's still lacking a bit of bells and whistles, but I'll be working on those missing parts for the upcoming days.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for the website you can find me on our IRC channel #OHSNAP! @ Quakenet, or you could just /pm Mossepo.